Strength by Nature

ACQ Treatment

H6 Marine PilesPinepac is currently one of only two companies, in Auckland that can offer a ACQ and a dedicated H6 treatment process.

Alkaline Copper Quaternary preservative system has been developed to provide long term protection to wood exposed in exterior applications. Our treatment vessel at 12.8m in length makes us the largest in Auckland and with a 24hr operation allows us to process approximately 15,000m3 annually. Our first charge was commissioned in August 2009.

ACQ treated pine is a popular choice for government projects, playgrounds, parks and gardens.

Pressure treated pine is suitable for: Use outdoors, posts and poles, roundwood decorative use, landscaping, fencing, foundations, telegraph poles, motorway barriers, decking, trellis and house construction. H6 marine class treatment is suitable for seawater application.